MMMmmm, Rest Week

April 18, 2008

So this week is my first whole “rest week” in my training schedule, where I am still working out 6 days a week, at least once a day, but a whole lot slower and a whole lot shorter. It feels weird, but great.

I’ve built up all of these little knots, sore spots and tight muscles over the last month or so, and now I’m just working on taking it easy, stretching them all out and doing plenty of “self massage.” 🙂

Weird thing is that I feel like I’m MORE sore in different spots after a few easy days than I was during the past two weeks, when I was pushing it a lot harder and my body is reacting all funny. You know those knots of tension that you get in your neck/shoulders when you are stressed or sleep in a bad position? I got one of those in my chest the other day. Is it me, or is that really weird? It was this big ‘ol lump o’ muscle on the top of my left pec that was really tight and made swimming really awkward, forcing me to cut the workout short after only 1,200 meters. Then it disappears the next day.

Then yesterday I had this weird calf tightness in my right leg that just wouldn’t let up. I beat the hell out of it with my foam roller, and went out for a nice easy 40 minute run at just over 9:00 pace and it was all better. I love when workouts actually FIX soreness instead of cause it. It is a beautiful thing.

As I was running around town yesterday, which happened to be the nicest day of the year so far, there were TONS of runners out, all chatting it up about the Boston Marathon this coming Monday. I feel like the whole city gets this big burst of energy this time of year and it is awesome. I really love just roaming around the streets and soaking up the athletic-vibes that are floating around.

I will be tracking the race online and on TV in my work’s break room since I can’t take the day off, but SO wish I could cheer on all the racers on Monday. I’m so psyched that the weather looks like it will actually be nice and not the barely above freezing hurricane wind of a mess that it was last year.

So send some good vibes to Triboomer and the rest of the tri-blogger crowd that will be running on Monday!

Happy Friday Tri-Peeps.


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