Does this spin bike make my ass look fat?

April 23, 2008

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Dear woman contemplating taking spin class,

Want to drop a few pounds? Bikini season coming up? Bored of the treadmill? I hear ya. Now, granted I was born with a Y chromosome, so I don’t really understand, and I’ll probably say something later in this post to either a) insult you or b) make myself look like an idiot, but for whatever reason, I feel the need to continue.

To start off, spinning is great for a lot of things: endurance, strength, fights boredom, burns a crap load of calories real fast, has lower joint stress than running,Ā  lets you meet kick-ass instructors named Jamie…

But there are a lot of things that spinning does NOT do, especially give you a big fat ass or huge throbbing man quads. Why do you feel the need to worry about spin class giving you a big ass or big vein covered legs like some steroid soaked body builder or Tour de France rider? Please stop asking me if my spinning class will give you quads that belong on the World’s Strongest Man competition. If it did, I’d have to find a new job because I wouldn’t want to stare at a room full of fat asses all night long. šŸ™‚

Honestly, unless you are pushing against some REALLY hard resistance for several hours a day, you’ve got nothing to worry about. And if you have some strange fear of actually having muscle tone in your legs and you are on some Olsen twin workout plan, that is a whole separate issue that I can’t even help out with.

Just had to get off my chest.

Dudes dig chicks with strong cycling muscles. Period.



  1. Funny!!!

    Thanks for your comment the other day too!

  2. Chicks dig chicks with cycling legs too, btw šŸ˜‰

    And I like that there are multiple bad-ass cycling instructors named Jamie!

  3. hello my name is cristina and i was just wondering will spin exercises make my ass big because i got i nice juicy ass it nice and really out like so my boyfriends say but am doing exercise it like a bike but with out a seat with it make my bum go down because i love my bum i dont like flat bum i like mines quick round and juicy so if i do tend to do spin exercise will my ass go down i really dont want it to
    ps cristina

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