Swimming Breakthrough

May 4, 2008

After spending any amount of time doing any sort of training, you are bound to come across a big breakthrough. I have yet to pull off that 20+ mph bike ride or that sub 20 minute 5k run (at least since I was 18 )  yet but yesterday I did something that I decided needed some celebration.

I have pretty good swimming form, but there is always one thing that has plagued me no matter how many stupid drills and techniques I tried. bi-lateral breathing.

Sure, I COULD breathe on both sides, it just isn’t pretty. On the right side? I’m as good as gold. But when my head turns to the left, all of a sudden I go into some weird spasm, my arms start slapping the water, I start choking on water, and my kick goes all sideways. Not a pretty thing, at least until yesterday.

Yesterday I went to a swim clinic with my triathlon team and I got some much needed critique on my form. After a few new drills and realizing that I do this weird cross over and quick correction with only my right arm, that makes it really hard to breathe on the left side without lifting my head out of the water, all of a sudden breathing on the left side is SO much more comfortable.

I know seems like a pretty small step, but I’ve always tried to breathe on both sides, especially so I can sight better in open water and not go as far off course in open water swims,

Bilateral breathing? Check. Now on to that 20 mph average bike and sub 20:00 5k….

But first, I might actually want to think about working out again since the few hundred yards of drills that I did yesterday is the closest thing I’ve done that resembles a workout since last Sunday, exactly a week ago.

Being Sick Sucks!

I’m feeling really good and have finally fully recovered, but am still going it pretty easy with a nice light treadmill run this afternoon.

Happy training everyone.



  1. Whatever. There’s no such thing as a small step in swimming, because every single thing you do makes such a big difference! So good work on your small breakthrough!

    I know what you mean about the workouts. I haven’t done much of anything to speak of since frickin’ Wildflower.

  2. Woot! Success!

  3. Way to go rock star. Bilateral breathing is definitely an accomplishment.

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