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Build Phase #1 = DONE

June 1, 2008

…and it couldn’t have come any sooner because my legs are FU@#ING SORE. The good news is that I at least know that my body is reacting to upping the mileage, and hopefully getting stronger, but right now my legs feel SO heavy and tired. Thankfully, as of 1:21 p.m. this afternoon, I’ve officially started my tapering for my first Olympic distance triathlon of the season, Mooseman.

My body REALLY needs the rest. I made the dumb move of planning to do all of my run workouts for the week in three days, back to back. When my running hasn’t been that strong lately (but slowly getting better) and I’ve been biking a lot more that makes every run hurt a LOT more. Thursday morning I woke up and the inside of my knee felt like hell and really tight.

I was at least glad that it was on the inside and not the outside, so I could rule out IT band issues, although at least I would have known what to do to fix it. After taking the next two run workouts really easy, stretching constantly, taking an Epsom salt bath on Friday, doing some form drills on a rubber track (to stay off of asphalt as much as I could) and doing another Epsom salt foot bath on Saturday, I think I may have finally gotten my knee back to normal and warded off any injuries. My goal, over anything else this year, is to NOT get injured. Hopefully I can still keep that goal open to check off at the end of the season.

This morning I got up early and did a bike-swim-bike from my apartment out to Walden pond and back. It is about 17 miles out there and I LOVE swimming there. It is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. I knocked off about a mile and a quarter swimming around the edge of the lake, and suited up to ride back home. My legs are complete jello. No energy, just dead weights. I definitely need to make sure I’ve fully rested and turned all this soreness into strength and speed that I can unleash on the race course next week. 🙂

Here is my lesson learned for this week:

I only brought two water bottles filled with my Infinit “special blend.” I downed one on the bike there and was wicked thirsty once I got out of the water and practically finished off the second one. Needless to say riding back (albeit wicked slow at barely 15 mph) in the 80 degree sun beating down on my backpack holding my wetsuit, I got really REALLY thirsty.

I was dying, but really just wanted to get home. Sure, I could have just stopped at a gas station and picked up some more water or gatorade, but I was getting cranky and just wasn’t in the mood. That was until I was coming into Cambridge outside of Harvard square and saw a bunch of girls selling cookies and lemonade on the side of the street, raising money for some school in some country that I can’t remember right now. Business looked slow so I was happy to reach into my saddle bag and take out a few dollars to donate to a good cause. Plus, that lemonade was freaking delicious!

I’ve always brought my wallet/ID with me on rides in case something happens and someone needs to find out who that schlub on the side of the road is, but it is also a good idea to have a few dollars for picking up some roadside lemonade and snicker doodle cookies!

That is all. I know the blogging has been a little light lately, but things should heat up once I get closer to my first 70.3 in July! WOOHOO.