More Mooseman Pics!

June 12, 2008

One of my teammates snapped a bunch of pictures from the race. Here are some shots of me racing last weekend.

Mooseman Triathlon

The crazy fog that delayed the swim start.

Mooseman Triathlon

There is a buoy out there somewhere, I swear.

Mooseman Triathlon

Coming out of T1. The blur make me look FAST. I love it.

Mooseman Triathlon

Focusing on not falling off of the bike.

Mooseman Triathlon

Hopping off the bike coming in to T2, looking very focused.

Mooseman Triathlon

Coming in to T2

Mooseman Triathlon


Mooseman Triathlon

Smiling once I notice Sam (red head with the green backpack) entering transition.



  1. Nice photos. Looking speedy fast. Nice job.

  2. Great pictures! so what is your next race?

  3. Hey great blog by the way. What did you think of mooseman is that hill on the bike as bad as they say?



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