I’m a slacker

June 18, 2008

I’d be full of BS if I just posted about my good raced and workouts, especially after how bad my training sucked last week.

Sure, I can use race recovery as a tiny excuse, but that definitely doesn’t last seven days. I’ll save you from having to hear the rest of my excuses, because they are lame, but at least I have a bunch of them. 🙂

Quick recap of all of last week’s workouts.

Run: 20 minutes.

The end.

I’m serious.

How embarrassing is that? Well the good news is that I only have one direction to go from here, up. And since I only have 4 weeks to go until the Providence 70.3, I can’t afford another week like this or I’m going to get my ass absolutely destroyed on that course. Word on the street is that the run course is a monster.

I’m heading out now for a swim in Walden pond, and hopefully getting rid of some of my awful tan lines to bring my total weekly workout total to 2, automatically doubling last week’s workouts.

In other news, here is my Mooseman race pose that has be tentatively titled “Ode to kIM.”

Mooseman Triathlon



  1. That is the best pic ever.

  2. You have time to pick it up again… just in time to taper.

  3. I think its time for a new post that has something to do with how crazy you’ve been training this week.. I think you made up for last week triple the amount! Definitely no slacking this week! Good job! You’ll fly through the Rhode Island half iron!

  4. sweet pose!

    Man… don’t even think about missed/skipped workouts… that won’t get you anywhere… or any faster. Just get after it. A solide two weeks and a week of rest will have you ready for sure.

    do it!

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