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Contemplating Amputation

June 26, 2008

At mile 7 of a nice and easy 8 mile run yesterday, I fell apart.

Everything had been going fine. I was keeping a nice easy pace, keeping the HR in Z2 and not even considering trying to push it. I stopped at a cross walk, waited for traffic to stop and headed back off running, or at least I tried to. If my leg could have made a THUD noise, it would have. In the two minutes of hanging out on the sidewalk, someone must have replaced my knee with a steel beam, because that thing REFUSED to move.

Once I actually got myself back runing again, it didn’t feel to bad, but stopping and then starting again was an absolute mess. After hobbling for another half a mile, I gave up and walked the last .5 miles back to my apartment, swinging my left leg around in front of me like a gimp.

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure it is my IT band since it is a similar feeling to when I messed up the other leg last year. NOT thankful that I went from a really solid week of workouts to limping up and down the stairs of my apartment.

I almost want to turn this:

In to this:

… and just tear it out. Who needs an IT band anyway? Seriously?

I’ve been staying off of it as much as I can, stretching constantly and took two really hot baths and went through a whole big bag of epsom salt, which really helped it. Epsom salt is absolute gold. I love that stuff. While it eventually tightens up after, for that 45 minutes after an Epsom salt bath, my knees feel SO much better.

I am especially bummed since I was planning on going down to Connecticut this weekend to do my first century ride. I’ve done a bunch of 60 mile rides, and maybe one 70 milder, but nothingĀ  close to 100 yet. While biking definitely puts a lot less pressure on my knees, I’m hesitant to make any decisions yet. I am at least feeling better than I was yeterday.

I’ll have to play this one by ear, do lots of PT/streching/foam rollering and decide tomorrow afternoon if it worth heading down … wish me luck!

Right leg IT band. You are now ON NOTICE.