Countdown to Rhode Island 70.3

July 13, 2008

I dropped off my gear down in Rhode Island this afternoon. T2 is in Providence, and T1 is about 30 miles south, down in Naragansett, so it was kind of a pain to organize everything. Check in was pretty much a disaster, waiting in line for almost 2 hours to pick up my t-shirt, chip, sign my life away on the regular waivers and otherwise do stuff that should take only a few minutes. I guess I can’t expect TOO much from a first time event, right?

I saw Chris while I was hanging out in line, and he gave me some shit for dragging a chair with me all the way through the line, but I wasn’t going to stand for 2 hours like a chump and let my already beat up legs work any harder than they have to before the big race!

Here is me in line, taken by Chris with his snazzy new iPhone, with a big doofy smile.

Speaking of beat up legs, my knee/IT band isn’t doing much better. I went for a short run earlier this week and the first mile was fine. I went super slow and my legs felt a little heavy from not using them much lately, but almost thought I was fixed and all of the soaking/stretching/foam rolling had actually helped…. until I hit that dreaded one mile mark and it all went to shit. It immediately started hurting and I ended up limping pretty bad and walking back home. It sucks, but what can ya do?

It is a little late to back out of the race now, but at least I know my swimming/biking will be pretty good. I’m just going to go along with the race as scheduled and hope that 56 miles on the bike will help loosen things up and will let me have a pretty pain free run. The day will completely depend on how mile 2 of the run goes, but either way I’m pretty determined to finish as long as it doesn’t involve completely destroying my body. I’m not above limping/walking 12 miles.

Spirits are high, standards are low. Either way I’m totally psyched for what should be a really awesome race.



  1. How did it go for you today?

    Stay tuned…

  2. Hi

    How was the ride??? I am thinking of making this one my first 1/2 Ironman, just looking for how hard was it really, the bike/run?? I live in New England, so I know rolling hills but were they massive UPS and wicked fast downs??

    Great Job!!


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