Rhode Island Race Recovery

July 24, 2008

After a really nice vacation up in the white mountains of New Hampshire grilling, boozing, canoeing, tubing and generally being lazy, I’m finally back.

The five days after the 70.3 were pretty rough. Lots of limping, leaning on hand rails, VERY slow walking around and staying off of my feet as much as possible. It is pretty embarassing to be 24 and have to use the hand rail just to be able to creep up and down stairs or sit down on the toilet without falling over. (TMI?) Despite all the pain, I just keep smiling every time someone asks me about how the race went. It was fucking amazing finishing even though my run time was a disaster. I wish I could bottle that feeling and tap in to it throughout the whole year. It is like crack. I need more. Now

By last Thursday I was back to walking around normally, still with some tightness in my left knee if I didn’t stretch it out once and a while. All was going well and I was gladly doing absolutely no working out, trying to recover from what had gone to some minor aching to a full blown injury, so I can still be able to squeeze out one or two more shorter races this season. That was until I went to teach Spinning on Tuesday.


That freaking hurt. My knee didn’t even really hurt on the bike during the half ironman. It is just so mentally draining to have it give you issues when otherwise you feel like you are so well prepared to race and in good shape. So much for my goal of staying injury free this season…

Okay. Enough bitching. I have plenty of time to recover and still salvage the rest of the season.

I just felt the need to post up something to let everyone know I’m still around and kickin’.

I also started a new kick-ass job on Monday and am celebrating my 25th birthday tomorrow. Looks like July is a big month for this guy. Now come out with me this weekend and buy me a beer! It is time to celebrate.



  1. I’m with you on the crack addiction! Happy pre-birthday — have a great weekend celebrating!

  2. happy birthday jamie! i am laughing about your soreness, bc i am there with you buddy! i need a cane/walker/wheelchair to get around. i DROVE to work when i live 5 minutes away, bc i couldnt step up on the bus platform! lets get together soon.

  3. Happy b-day bro!!! 25 and a cane, tri is good for ya.;)

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