My Infinit Formula – Bull Juice

July 26, 2008

I was IMing with KT today about race nutrition and I started talking about my Infinit blend. I realized that I don’t talk about nutrition much here and it probably deserved its own post.

Last year my nutrition was a nightmare. I do love drinking nuun for from my Fuel Belt during long runs and for spinning classes where calories don’t really matter so much, but when I get into longer BRicks or bike workouts, the amount of solids that I’d have to take in to make up for the fact that nuun doesn’t have any calories in it just doesn’t sit well in my stomach. I also had a lot of trouble last year just remembering to take in GUs/blocks/gels during my races last year. Hey, I get distracted easily…

Which leads me to Infinit. I had seen their ads in Inside Triathlon and all over the Web a million times, but never really paid much attention. I did a whole bunch of research on them earlier this year, watched an interview with their CEO on Beginner Triathlete.com, and asked a few other bad-ass triathletes about what there experiences with it have been.

I eventually sucked it up, went on their site, took the survey/quiz thing and they picked out a special blend for me, perfectly formulated for HIM training and long bike rides, where I really needed to focus on my nutrition. I appropriately named my formula “Bull Juice.”

This is the formula that I have been training with all year so far and have had nothing but great experiences.

Sure, the canister that it comes in looks like one of those body builder creatine junk, and I’ve had to convince a few people that it is not some lame ginsing infused steroid mix, but other than that it has been my best friend on long rides. Sits well in my stomach, keeps me well fueled and makes my nutrition plan SO simple.

Here is me in my infinit induced roid-rage. Seriously guys. Get new packaging.

I designed my formula to completely get rid of the need for any other source of calories. Which also means that I will get a stomach ache if I try to squeeze in any other solid fuel on top of that, but that’s alright. I dig simplicity.

But to be perfectly honest, I haven’t touched the stuff since the Rhode Island 70.3. I’m too busy taking some time off, boozing up and doing some hardcore relaxation.

That’s right. Straight from the bottle. I’m classy like that.



  1. I have never tried the infinite, so curious about it though… do you love it and recommend it? I use the Nuun, all the time, I love it… BUT I am good with taking in calories from gels/food… hmmm, your post has me thinking about my nutrition- probably should not change it just now in the season…

  2. PS… mr classy… ha ha, I am home and started to to hunt for my spin cds, I will get working on that for you- haven’t forgotten you!! I will email you when I am done for your address… enjoy your weekend!

  3. Straight from the bottle!? Whoa, pace yourself!

  4. Mmmm….

    (Hey…I need spin CD’s!!!)

  5. Anyone else that wants one of my spinning mixes… let me know.

  6. You are one classy bitch!

  7. Oh, and I do lubs me some Infinit!!!

  8. Just for you we changed our packaging. đŸ™‚
    No really, we now use re-sealable bags. Much sexier.

    Thanks man, love the ramblings.


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