Bringing out the worst in everyone

July 28, 2008

I do really love the whole idea behind Critical Mass thing: a leaderless group of cyclists who ride once a month, generally supporting cyclists’ rights to the share the road with drivers and without any clear mission or vision for the organization.

In theory, wicked cool. In reality (although I have yet to actually join up with the local ride but hope to soon), not so much. Just like clockwork, the last Friday of every month always creates a whole mess of stories from account the country. Riders vs. Pedestrians. Riders vs. Cops. Dogs vs. Cats.

First, there was the story from Seattle.

Then, the shit show that is NYC.

More info here.

At least in both of these situations, the cyclist’s reputations don’t take too much of a beating, but it does suck to see the same recurring themes come out every month. Bikers already have enough of a reputation¬† issue, it is unfortunate to see a group with such good intentions doing so much damage (even to the reputations of cops and drivers).



  1. I just posted the same vid…it’s just crazy. :shakes head:

  2. What the hell?… That blows.

  3. hey! you should try P90X. I think it might be the missing link for me to finish my ab challenge….a few (6 months) late..haha

  4. I just saw this too, nuts!!! Totally insane.

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