I just need one more hit

August 19, 2008

After my last post about my IT band recovery, I got even more advice from the always awesome Sheila who sent me her ab and hip strength routines. With a stomach like she has, I think I need to take notice and pay serious attention. I’ve already done some of her hip strengthening exercises a few times and am feeling ’em getting stronger, which isn’t saying much considering how weak they probably were in the first place.

Here are links to download the word docs that she sent me.

She also got me stretching out my tight ass with a tennis ball, so I’ve been spending plenty of time this week sitting on the floor in front of my TV, watching the Olympics and rolling around with a tennis ball under my butt. Oh, and I found out that tennis balls work much better than racquetballs. Either way, both do a way better job of working out my tight gluts than the foam roller does.

Now that my tri season has gotten a second wind, albeit a little late, I’ve gotten back into my healthy eating habits. Organic, whole wheat and veggies all the way. Here is a pretty sick chipotle chicken burrito that I made for dinner tonight with my own homemade mango salsa and tomatoes that my neighbor grew on her porch. D-licious.

Now I just have to see if I can squeeze in one more Oly, or even a sprint, before the end of September I’ll be a very happy boy. Most of my weekends are booked already with weddings and mini-vacations, so it may be tricky, but I REALLY want to hit the race course again before the season ends. I miss the smell of race morning. 🙂

Now I’m off to spin class to do a BRick on the treadmill and finish off with a little stregth training. More to come…



  1. Hey I hope you get my tunes soon! You might laugh in your spin class with some of the dorky songs I sent you!

    And just for you and Steve I will find a new pose… ha ha… too funny! You guys will have me laughing before I hit the finish line!

  2. “I miss the smell of race morning.”

    I hear ya buddy!

  3. Hey Jamie,

    Thanks for the scoop on the Cervelo/Wolf Fork recall. I gave you credit on the “Stay Tuned Report” podcast #7and in the show notes at http://www.StayTunedReport.com

    Thanks for the links to Sheila’s core and stretching routines. Just one look at her and you can tell she knows a thing or rwo about strong abs.

    Stay Tuned…

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