New Triathlon Gear! Compression Socks

August 29, 2008

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I was greeted yesterday after work with a sweet package in the mail. My compression sleeves finally arrived!

Unless you have been under a rock recently, you’ve probably noticed that compression socks are the cool new thing on the triathlon scene. At first, I was pretty skeptical about some of the claims: reduced fatigue, increased blood flow, etc.

Eventually I just heard about one too many blogger buddies, pro triathletes and tri magazines jumping on the boat and raving about them and I had to dive in too.

I ended up getting Zensah Compression Sleeves. I’m really picky about my running socks, so something that just goes down to my ankle lets me still wear my own super comfy running socks is perfect. Unfortunately they only make the pink version in size small, so I couldn’t rock my metrosexuality and had to go with the always fashionable black.

I have do admit, I do sort of feel like an 80’s aerobics instructor with leg warmers, but thankfully missing the spandex thong, but don’t worry. Taking pictures of myself doing ninja moves in my bedroom totally adds some man points back to the situation.

Problem: Solved.

Don’t knock my ninja skills. You know you are jealous.

I did a sprint interval workout on the treadmill last night and ended up wearing them to bed last night to see how sore I may or not be in the morning. Although I probably would have been more sore if I did a long endurance run and the results don’t mean much, I woke up with my legs feeling pretty good.

My calves felt nice and tingly and fresh this morning. Not that pins and needles/ I just sat on my own leg and it went numb kind of tingly. A tingly like maybe these things did actually help keep up blood flow in my legs. Cool gear!

Overall, the jury is still out how much they exactly help, but hopefully they’ll come through strong on a nice long run this weekend.

At the very least, it is a cool new piece of gear to test out and play with. I’m going to be doing a lot of running this fall to hopefully get a lot faster, and even maybe do a late fall/early spring marathon soon.

Who knows, maybe I can manage to get myself a charity spot and run the Boston Marathon next spring?!



  1. I am still on the fence on whether to try some or not….anziously awaiting more compresi-data! They look cool in a weird kind of way. But my wife won’t think so…

  2. I hear ya. My girlfriend is an occupational therapist, so she associates compression socks with old people that have circulation problems and varicose veins. There was plenty of eye rolling around the Bull household last night.

    It will be pretty hard to actually quantify their effectiveness, but I’m looking forward to at least giving ’em an honest shot.

  3. Yo. I was just convinced of wearing compression socks myself by my biking buddy/running store manager. They were so warm – I couldn’t keep them on all night. However, my legs felt amazing when I woke up.

    Definitely a good purchase. Are yours uber warm? Are they thick(ish)?

  4. When I saw Bree’s pink ones I almost ordered them but I went the cheaper route and ordered medical grade ones on line. Jobst 20-30mmHg open toe from Foryourlegs.com

    free shipping.

    I think you are supposed to wash them by hand, mine anyway, to keep them from breaking down.

  5. Can’t wait to hear how they work out. I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of 2XU tights, but haven’t sprung for them yet.

  6. will be interested to know your thoughts on these a few weeks from now….you must provide an update then. and as for your photos, my first thoughts were yeah, he’s looking like a ninja, but then on closer inspection, I’m now thinking you look like the Karate Kid, when he sets up for his final move.

  7. Well, I must say I think they look really cool on you!!
    For what it is worth I have been wearing compresson socks for awhile. After working a job standing in one spot for 10 hours a day,for more than 10 years, my Dr. said I should wear them all the time as I have now developed varicose veins.
    So,all you naysayers and young folks should wear anything that will help you later on in life, Now!!!
    I am now seeing alot of guys wearing full length compression pantyhose too! They do help. Wait til Under Armour adds them to their compression line up and you’ll see every guy wearing them, even if it’s just to be cool. Thanks… stay tight! Steve

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