Last Tri of ’08

September 3, 2008

September is here.

The leaves are slowly changing.

Daylight is fading.

The drunk college kids outside my window are back waking me up in the middle of the night…

… but triathlon season isn’t over just yet.

I was able to squeeze one more race into this season, the Buzzard’s Bay Sprint at the end of the month.

I have a few weeks to get my butt back in gear and am wicked sore from doing a long of leg strength/form exercises.

When you have not done lunges in forever, they HURT! I’m wishing I could pull my compression socks all the way up over my ass because it is freakin’ sore.

I also haven’t done much speed work at all this season except for a few track workouts and intervals at spinning class, so hopefully I can teach my legs to move a little quicker and get used to racing shorter distances. I haven’t done a sprint since ’06, so this should be interesting…

I can almost smell race morning again…



  1. stupid Coach Tim wanted me to do Buzzards Bay but I said NO WAY! i am way too far out of shape to do any sort of racing! but you, my friend, will kick butt!

  2. “pull my compression socks all the way up over my ass”

    That is freak’n funny!

  3. That is so cool you got your socks… just in time for the end of season huh?! That is a sad thought that season is over… I am planning a December Marathon just so I can keep on keepin’ on… come on, do a marathon with me!
    AND I am totally taking your challenge, I will collect pro junk from EVERY pro I meet! ha haha GREAT idea!

  4. yay for being able to get in 1 more race — thanks for the power thoughts — they totally helped! if i can pr a sprint w/not much training leading up to it — you absolutely can!

  5. Hey Jamie!
    Glad you are gong to get in one more race. Sprints hurt too much, glad you are doing it and not me! I have one more tri this season, half IM in Amelia Island, then I will call it a season. Sort of sad actually. Thanks for the comment on my IM Louisville. Can you believe I missed a Kona slot by one? Next year 🙂 Kick butt in your sprint and look fwd to reading about it on your blog!

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