Flexability Project, Pt 1

September 18, 2008

While the tri season isn’t quite over (although I’ve almost been training like it is) I’ve started to set a few off season goals for myself, the main one being working on my flexability. I’m also trying desperately not to regain all of the 15 pounds I lost training for the Rhode Island 70.3, but that is for another post.

One of my hopes this year was to be able to race all year injury free. Didn’t happen. I didn’t even make it to my A race without an injury. It sucks because while I didn’t ever think that I knew that much about triathlon training, it is just a kick in the pants like a recurring IT band injury that makes you realize how much more you have to learn.

So this off season I’ve decided to really work on being way more flexible. I have been a lot better about it this year compared to last year, but after finding the big knot in my left ass cheek that was likely caused my IT band issues, I still have some things to work on.

I especially started thinking about during the Olympics when Usain Bolt destroyed the 100 and 200 and everyone was talking about how few strides he had to take to do it. Some commentator basically broke running fast into stride length and turnover. Increase either and you will be a faster runner. Here are my initial plans on having a little longer stride, and hopefully staying injury free.

Step 1: Start going to yoga regularly. I got myself a sweet yoga mat and have already taken two classes at the studio up the street and have never sweated more standing in one place. I even rocked my compression sleeves like a total dork at my class tonight. I had been getting sharp cramps in my calves at work during the last two days while sitting at my desk at work, so I figured they might help. So far I’m a huge fan, but have a full review on them coming later. Hold tight.

Step 2: Massage. My own stretching routine clearly had some gaps, but I’m hoping that going to a massage therapist that knows a thing or two about keeping athletes’ muscles in check can help out there. I know, it just dounds like I’m making some excuses to pamper myself, but if it works and I get to have some masuse rub me down for an hour so who am I to complain?

I probably won’t know how this whole project will tun out until the middle of next season, but hopefully if it is something that I keep up with regularly, then next yearI’ll be able to go a whole lot faster a whole lost more comfortably.


One comment

  1. Go here:


    There is some good stretches you can do at home too… 🙂

    I can’t believe you rocked the compression sleeves in a yoga class…rockstar!

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