Flexibility Project, Pt 2: A Massage Story

September 19, 2008

Next step in project loosey goosey. Get a massage!

I live in kind of a hippie neighborhood. While I have a ton of yoga studios and massage places within walking distance, they are all the incense burning spa-type, not the serious medical treatment kind of place that I really wanted. All that hippie stuff is cool, but not when I’ve got some serious knots that need attending to. I want my quads and gluts to be pounded away on and grinded down into mush, not exfoliated.

I took the subway to this place downtown after work that got pretty good reviews tonight and was totally psyched to get beaten up and mashed around a little. My masseur (is that the right word?) was really cool and is a runner so she knew all about the kind of pain she was about to inflict on me, the good kind.

I have only had one massage before, and it was at least 10 years ago so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

There definitely was that somewhat awkward “undress as much as you feel comfortable and I’ll be back when you are ready” line before she first left the room, and I had to give some quick thought to it. I sort of thought that was a trick question. Wait, not EVERYONE is most comfortable naked? If it wasn’t for social norms and er… cold weather… I would probably just go naked all the time, but that is a different story all together. TMI? And if I’m trying new things, I might as well jump in the deep end and embrace it all, right?

After 45 minutes of having my hamstrings, quads, neck and back mushed away into tiny little pieces, I totally felt amazing. She found all these extra knots and hidden tight spots that I never knew about and probably wouldn’t have been able to clear out with any stretches on my own.

Strangely enough she found out that my right leg (not the one that had the IT band issues) was a lot tighter than the left. Apparently I’ve been neglecting it a little too much while I’ve been focusing on recovering. It did help me realize the toll that triathlon training put on my body and while I was faster and more efficient than I ever have been, my body clearly isn’t at 100% and needs some TLC to bounce back after all the physical beatings that I put myself through.

My gluts and calves are definitely a bit tender, but I do feel really good. Maybe even a few inches taller. I may have to make this a regular occurance…


One comment

  1. Mmmmm, massage. I love it. I don’t do it nearly often enough but I always wonder why not after I get one.

    I love to walk in and tell her to concentrate on quads, hams, gluts, calves and feet. Feels so freaking amazing. 🙂

    Wait are we will talking about massage. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter. 🙂

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