Cyclocross Conversion

October 15, 2008

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I’ve finally gotten around to converting my road bike into a cyclocross bike, or at least something that closely enough resembles a cyclocross bike to get me through a few races this season.

Here is my regular triathlon race setup.

And here is the setup that I’ll be rocking at my first cyclocross race this weekend.

I basically just stripped off the bottle cages and saddle bag and put on some special cyclocross tires. Those big knobby tires make her look like she is ready to get MUDDY! I love it.

This is definitely a half-assed job since I would have liked to switch out to different brakes and better pedals, but this should work. The brakes I’m running now are not built to handle my new wide tires and I actually have to remove one brake pad every time either of the wheels off to squeeze the wider tires through. Annoying, but what can ya do? I’ll have to remember to bring a wrench with me if I do any long rides with these tires.

My back tire is a 34 and my front tire is a 32, in case anyone cares. I had to switch down to a 32 in the front since the bigger size was rubbing against the fork.

Now that I’ve stripped her down, and given her a good cleaning and lubing, I’m totally psyched for my first cyclocross race this weekend. I’m expecting nothing more than making a complete ass of myself, so anything more than that will be a good day.

Lets get MUDDY!




    Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    I run 32s in the front and in the back. I let the air out of the back tire to get it on, then re-inflate it to about 60 PSI for racing. Might be easier than removing a brake pad.

  2. 60 PSI seems high but it depends on the tire and race conditions. The lower the tire pressure the better grip. Good that your trying out cross with the bike you have but you’ll find having a cross bike makes a difference in terms of having the clearance under the bottom bracket and having brakes that can withstand muddy conditions. What size frame do you ride? At the end of the season, my husband wants to drop some cash on a Specialized carbon Tri Cx and will be selling his Cannondale (2) years old. You are more than welcome to try my cross bike in Canton (if that’s where your going this weekend) if you want. It’s the same bike.

    As far as making an azz out of yourself, no one cares. Cross is very laid back. I suck at it. All the women are mountain bikers it seems and can handle anything technical. I’m the only triathlete in the women’s 3/4. I’ll be bringin’ up the rear.

  3. Man, that is so freaking disgusting. No self respecting roadie would ever do that to his bike… :shakes head:

    (j/k) man…it looks like fun. Have a blast!

  4. Seriously that looks like so much fun, one of these days I just gotta try that! Okay, cool, tell your family I am crashing at their house for the REV 3 race 🙂 ha ha, just kidding, but it will be so much fun to meet up!

  5. Good luck this weekend! That looks like a BLAST!!!

  6. Have fun this weekend!! so glad you came to class last night!!

    also, change your bookmark, feed, etc….i have a new & improved, evolved blog: http://mylifeinspandex.blogspot.com

  7. Good luck this weekend… it should be a blast!

  8. Good luck this weekend… I can’t wait to read all about it. Take lots of pics!

  9. I forgot to ask… where is the race?

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