Flexibility Project, Pt. 3: Bikram Yoga

October 17, 2008

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On my way to becoming a flexible noodle of a triathlete, I found one new tool in my arsenal. Bikram Yoga.

After hearing KT talk about it a few times, and most recently LG, I decided I should up my Yoga game from just taking the regular vanilla basics class and do some HOT yoga. LG was gracious enough to let me join her and mooch off of her hidden gem of a yoga studio. It also helped that the studio happens to be right around the corner of my apartment.

Once LG and I walked in to the room, the heat immediately hit me like I was walking into a sauna. She warned me to bring a towel, but I guess I didn’t realize that I would need a whole beach towel, not a little hand towel like I usually bring to spinning. Once my mat became completely covered in sweat, and I mean every single inch, I definitely decided that I needed a bigger towel next time.

After the first few minutes of relaxing, breathing and moving through a few different poses, I stopped noticing the heat at all. It was just there. I only noticed how hot I was when I tried doing certain poses where I had to clasp hands, or rest one leg on the other to stay balanced like the tree pose (below).

I was so covered in sweat that I just kep slipping all over myself. It was a mess. Thankfully LG let me know after that you eventually sweat less once you do it a while. Good thing, because I really don’t think I could have sweat any more than I did. Honestly, I felt like I had just walked out of a big sweaty shower by the end of the class. That is how soaked I was. Gross, I know, but in a really cool way.

It was a ton of fun though. The poses weren’t so hardcore that it made me feel incredibly inflexible, but they were still definitely challenging. This may have to become my new Wednesday thing, at least until tri season rolls back around….



  1. I know!!! It’s soooo freaking awesome, huh!? Now the weather is starting to cool down it is time for me to get back in there as well. I miss it and all the sweat that goes with it.

  2. I wanna try, but I’m pretty sure that there’s no Bikram yoga class in Wichita.

  3. I still haven’t tried Bikram. Were you sore the next day? I would think that with the heat making you feel more flexible, you might push things a bit further and end up with more soreness.

  4. yay for B!!! and yay for becoming my Wednesday B Buddy! and that cyclocross looks awesome – can’t wait to see your results!

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