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Cyclocross Crash: A Photo Essay

November 21, 2008

Remember when I mentioned trying to power through the mud pit and taking a face-first dive in front of a photographer at my cyclocross race last weekend? Here is the proof.

It actually makes for a pretty funny little photo essay.

Here I am attempting to power through the mud, hoping I can just somehow skim across the top and make it back to dry land ASAP. Instead I bounce off of a mud covered tree root, and it all goes to hell after that.


Something tells me my wheel isn’t supposed to be pointed sideways.


Yeah. This definitely isn’t looking good. Foot planted, bike flying up from under me.


“Oh Crap!”


Wait, where did Jamie go?


Face first in the Mud.


Another hot picture of my ass.


No time to play in the mud! Up and running with a big smile on my face. Thankfully I didn’t even get a scrape on me. Time to RUN!

Despite the blurry ass shots, the photographer is actually really good and got some pics of other racers looking way faster and more bad-ass than I do lying in the mud. Check out his pics at these links:


My MOvember Mustache

November 21, 2008

If you feel like you’ve seen a lot of creepy men in mustaches this month, you probably have. This November has been dubbed “Movember” and people all over are growing nose neighbors to help raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Granted it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but if you are in the mood, please consider donating even just a few dollars (or whatever you just spent at Starbucks this morning) on supporting my mobile tea strainer for a good cause.

I clearly have no shame when I’m supporting a cause that involves getting a finger up your butt and rocking a completely ridiculous mustache.

Behold: Dr. Fuzzenstein.


Here is a link to my donation page if you are feeling generous:

Please don’t force me to rock this ridiculous facial hair for no reason at all. 🙂

Thanks Peeps!


Cyclocross Mudfest

November 17, 2008

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Better quality version of the video is here.

BRC Cyclocross

I gave my second shot at cyclocross this weekend. It had rained on and off for the past few days and I was prepared for a complete mudfest and even caught up with local tri blogger Elaine (TriGrilPink) during my warmup lap and chatted for a bit.

Thankfully the men’s Cat 4 race was first, so the course wasn’t going to be nearly as beat up as it would be later in the day for the faster guys.

I did a hell of a better staying with the pack when the gun went off, but DAMN. Even in the Cat 4 race, these guys are fast. I’m still getting used to ramping up to top speed so quickly. When I pounded it up the first of two run/ride ups, I even got to a new max HR on the bike! 187 bpm baby! That is the highest I’ve gotten it on the bike recently, maybe ever. (I can already hear Brett yelling at me for not sticking to easy base workouts, shhhh!) Needless to say I did better than last time about making sure I didn’t have as much left in the tank when I crossed the finish line.

BRC Cyclocross

The whole course was pretty muddy and technical, but this one 75 meter stretch turned out to be the great equalizer. Ankle deep mud hid big roots and extra deep trenches that sucked you down and stole whatever momentum you were able to muster up. Even being able to stay on your bike and not having to run through the mud was an accomplishment.

During the first lap through the huge mud pit, I got stuck in a rut had to dismount to run the rest of the way through. The second lap, I had a new plan. Get a ton of speed and just force my way through.

That didn’t workout so well when my front tire hit a root hidden under a few inches of mud and my extra speed threw my bike off to the right as my body slammed down to the left and I went face first into the mud. It was actually really funny, especially as I looked up there was a guy with a camera who got a series of shots telling a pretty funny story about my mud bath. I found him after and he said he would post his pictures online. If i find them, I’ll post them later.

UPDATE: Check HERE for the all of the pics.

And now, for evidence of the mud fest that was the Boston Road Club Cyclocross Race…

BRC Cyclocross

Can you tell where my knee warmers ended?

BRC Cyclocross

I think there is more mud than shoe in this picture.

BRC Cyclocross

My road brakes actually didn’t do too bad in the mud. My road pedals? That is a different story alltogether.

BRC Cyclocross

My muddy stallion. My Fuju “Angela” is such a tank. I love her.


My New Triathlon Coach

November 6, 2008

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As I started planning for the 2009 triathlon season, I started looking at three main races. The Hyannis half marathon in February, the Rev3 HIM in June and the Timberman HIM in August (my A race).

This year I did a pretty decent job building my my own training plan and setting weekly goals, but upping my game in ’09 with two HIMs, especially with one so early in the year, was a little intimidating to handle on my own. I started looking around at triathlon coaches, at least to build a training plan that I could run with on my own for the rest of the year.

After being unpleasant surprised by how much some people pay for tri coaches, I asked some friends over at Triscoop for advice and alternatives, and luckily enough Brett offered to coach me! What freakn’ luck!

Brett is a pretty bad-ass triathlete, used to be coached by Mike “Coach To The Stars” Ricci of D3 Multisport and followed his workouts really strictly when training for IM Wisconsin last year. I know he took his coaching really seariously when he was on Race Athlete, so I’m psyched to see how much of that rubs off on me.

Brett is looking to test out his coaching skills, and I’m totally into being his guinnea pig for a season. We had a long chat on Monday and I can tell he has some big plans for me. I’ve got some serious workouts ahead of me, I can tell.

I feel like he is stirring up some evil plans to tear me down and build me up again so I can destroy the Timberman course next August.

Needless to say, I’m totally psyched about this new experiment. 2009 should be a crazy year.


Don’t Let Up

November 4, 2008

If you haven’t voted yet today. Go do it.


I got my stinky unshowered butt out of bed and in line at 7:00 a.m. to wait over an hour to vote. You can too.

Big news coming tomorrow (not just on the election front). Hold tight kids!