My New Triathlon Coach

November 6, 2008

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As I started planning for the 2009 triathlon season, I started looking at three main races. The Hyannis half marathon in February, the Rev3 HIM in June and the Timberman HIM in August (my A race).

This year I did a pretty decent job building my my own training plan and setting weekly goals, but upping my game in ’09 with two HIMs, especially with one so early in the year, was a little intimidating to handle on my own. I started looking around at triathlon coaches, at least to build a training plan that I could run with on my own for the rest of the year.

After being unpleasant surprised by how much some people pay for tri coaches, I asked some friends over at Triscoop for advice and alternatives, and luckily enough Brett offered to coach me! What freakn’ luck!

Brett is a pretty bad-ass triathlete, used to be coached by Mike “Coach To The Stars” Ricci of D3 Multisport and followed his workouts really strictly when training for IM Wisconsin last year. I know he took his coaching really seariously when he was on Race Athlete, so I’m psyched to see how much of that rubs off on me.

Brett is looking to test out his coaching skills, and I’m totally into being his guinnea pig for a season. We had a long chat on Monday and I can tell he has some big plans for me. I’ve got some serious workouts ahead of me, I can tell.

I feel like he is stirring up some evil plans to tear me down and build me up again so I can destroy the Timberman course next August.

Needless to say, I’m totally psyched about this new experiment. 2009 should be a crazy year.



  1. Awesome!! You are going to love having a coach — now you can focus 100% on the workouts and not worry about all the figuring it out – you can just DO IT!!

    Timberman here you come!

  2. This is your coach. Quit wasting time blogging and GET BACK TO WORKING OUT.


  3. Dude, you will not regret having a coach. I could not imagine training without one and I am sure Coach Brett will help you slide up in your AG rankings. My coach has a goal to get me to Kona in IMAZ next year, the dude has got some work to do 🙂 Enjoy and FOLLOW YOUR TRAINING SCHEDULE!!! Kel

  4. DUDE! That’s awesome – it’s great to have someone – not just for training plans, but for the support. It’s huge to have someone dedicated to your betterment. Rock it in 2009!!

  5. ha ha ha, your coach told you to stop blogging! I like him already, he will be fun to hear about coaching you all next season!

    Congrats on finding a coach!!

    Hey, your comment made me laugh so hard, thanks for the laugh, I changed that post just for you, and maybe next season I can make it even better! ha ha ha

  6. Good luck with the coaching!

  7. If we’ve got the same coach does that make us team mates?

    Good Luck with your training!

  8. Good luck with coach Brett. I will be at Hyannis also, but only for the 10k run. I hope it will be above 20 degrees!

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