Cyclocross Crash: A Photo Essay

November 21, 2008

Remember when I mentioned trying to power through the mud pit and taking a face-first dive in front of a photographer at my cyclocross race last weekend? Here is the proof.

It actually makes for a pretty funny little photo essay.

Here I am attempting to power through the mud, hoping I can just somehow skim across the top and make it back to dry land ASAP. Instead I bounce off of a mud covered tree root, and it all goes to hell after that.


Something tells me my wheel isn’t supposed to be pointed sideways.


Yeah. This definitely isn’t looking good. Foot planted, bike flying up from under me.


“Oh Crap!”


Wait, where did Jamie go?


Face first in the Mud.


Another hot picture of my ass.


No time to play in the mud! Up and running with a big smile on my face. Thankfully I didn’t even get a scrape on me. Time to RUN!

Despite the blurry ass shots, the photographer is actually really good and got some pics of other racers looking way faster and more bad-ass than I do lying in the mud. Check out his pics at these links:





  1. Awesome ! It’s got to be kind of cool to have a blow-by-blow of a memorable crash like that.

  2. Okay, THAT was great! Mud is soft and you are hard as nails!! Great pics and thanks for the laugh. Your blog rocks! Signed, black belt ninja…Kel ­čÖé

  3. Wow, what a biff!! It’s great it was captured!!!

  4. Whoa! Jamie, usted habla español? ¡Maravilloso! Ahora tengo un otro amigo para practicar!!. Quiero encontrarle el año próximo!!!

    Espero que usted tenga una gran Turkey Day (dia de polvo :).

    Oh, and I love the fotos! Glad you have proof, I didn’t believe you! Those are awesome!!

    un abrazo grande!!

  5. […] Check HERE for the all of the […]

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