Coached Athlete Report: Month 1

December 1, 2008

Tomorrow marks the first month of me being coached on my way to destroy the Timberman HIM in August next year, but before that, I have to get to my first half marathon in February.

I’ve been doing most of my swim/bike/run workouts (except for hard spinning classes that I teach) SUPER easy and looking only at time spent, not mileage. In the beginning, it was almost painfully uncomfortable to keep my runs +10:00 min/mile, but I’m actually getting used to it now. Here are my swim/bike/run time totals for the month (I didn’t get any swims in because the pool was practically closed all week for Thanksgiving).  BOOOO.

November 2008 Workout Totals

The two new things that Coach Brett has got me doing are push-runs and squats to make sure that my upper body and core doesn’t waste away from all the running. Doing a set of pushups every 10 minutes makes it a whole lot easier to get lots of them in, and kept leaving me confused why it was so hard to pull my shirt up off of my head after the run. My shoulders are SORE. Definitely recommended.

Speed squats also beat me up a little after my long run today. I felt pretty confident going into them, relying on all the hill climbs during spin class and quad strength to get me through, but I could barely make it past a whole minute! What a bitch I am! Dayum. Pretty soon I’ll be smashing manhole covers with these quads. 😉

Plus, my ass is going to look HAWT! haha.

Check out this crossfit video for all the info.


One comment

  1. Let me guess, you like the Double Mint squat 🙂 Great entry and glad you are following coaches orders. I hear a ton of great things about crossfit. I need to start doing that once I am back up and running. Dig the blog…look fwd to more!

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