Top 10 Twitter Triathletes To Follow

December 2, 2008

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I haven’t written about it here before, but I’ve been pretty active on the microblogging platform Twitter over the past few months. At first It was just a lot of tech geeks and public relations peeps like me, but lately a lot of triathlon folk have joined the twitter ranks.

I tweet at twitter.com/jamesonbull

If you haven’t heard of it before, twitter lets you post short messages (140 characters max) and send messages to friends or “followers.” These messages can even get pushed to your cell phone if you want and you can update all your friends on what you are up to via text messages too.  This video explains it better, but Twitter has turned into more than just a tool for sharing “what you are dong.”

This morning I also saw a lot of people creating a bunch of specialized top 10 lists for their favorite dad/mom/ITguy/sewing/cooking/religious twitter users, but no triathletes were getting any love. So I decided to create my own top 10 list of some people that you should follow if you are just getting on to twitter and want to see what is out there and how it works. I follow a lot more than just these guys, but they post pretty frequenty, and almost exclusevliy about tri stuff, so they made the cut.

Okay, well there are 11(technically 12), but screw it. In no particular order..

  1. Bikehugger
  2. texafornia
  3. coachadam
  4. lancearmstrong
  5. jessistensland
  6. konaguyim
  7. staytunedreport / triboomer
  8. usatriathlon
  9. triathletemag
  10. simplystu
  11. tdf_updates (Only really important in July, but still cool)

Who would you add to the list? Am I missing anyone?


Because she is an attention whore (in the best possible way of course) I’ll add this one to the list. If you need advice on nutrition/holistic health issues, there none better/more awesome.

HolisticGuru – Christine Lynch


As twitter has gotten more popular, more cool endurence athletes joined in on the fun. I’ll be adding more triathletes worth following here as I find them.

Pro Triathletes



  1. […] Triathletes / Cyclists / Endurance Athletes on Twitter […]

  2. I’ve decided to let this one slide, mister…

  3. Twitter for the 45-49 age group triathlete

  4. you missed me! http://twitter.com/raouldejongh

    hahaha. also check out my site, there is (hopefully) tons of useful tri stuff on there? I went to Kona all the way from sunny, gorgeous South Africa last year, so all good…

  5. Don’t forget http://www.twitter.com/ontri for the latest triathlon training posts from the ontri.com community

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