2009 Triathlon Goals

December 8, 2008

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During a nice long slow run tonight, I had some time to clear my head and think about lots of things, including all the plans that are falling into place for next year and everything that has to fall into place between now and then. I had a really good run through Harvard square and Cambridge and along the Charles River.Β  Despite the strong winds and snow/freezing rain that was stinging my face, I got totally in the zone and I think I may have fallen back in love with running. I even got a few strange looks from people confused by my big smile as I trekked through the dark.

I stole this pic from Flickr, but this was pretty much my view for half of my run tonight. I love it.

With some nice slow miles to clear my head, I was able to knock off a few more goals for next season. These will be a work in progress, but I at least wanted to get them out there on the interwebs to keep me honest.

  1. Finish the Hyannis Half Marathon under 2 hours
  2. Be able to race, not just survive, two HIMs
  3. Finish sub 6:00 in at least one HIM (preferably both). Maybe even sub 5:45?
  4. Have a blast whenever I race, no matter what happens.
  5. Upgrade to a tri-specific bike.
  6. Keep the rubber side down = no crashes on the bike. (Unless I have a nice soft pile of mud to crash into. )
  7. Be able to do laundry on my stomach.
  8. Even when I’m beat up, tired and grumpy, still listen to Coach Brett.
  9. Take full advantage of my tri coach and make sure we keep up good lines of communications.
  10. Still maintain a normal social life and not get so engulfed in training that I can’t talk to non-triathletes about anything other than training. (I’ve seen it happen to a lot of other people. It isn’t pretty.)
  11. Break my 1 day long ride record of 127 miles.
  12. Find a way to keep myself from getting mentally/physically burnt out.

And on that note, the training is going really well and I’m definitely the fittest that I’ve been in December in a LONG TIME. Granted I’ve never started my tri season in November before, but you get the point. As long as I can ward off either a physical or mental blow up between now and Timberman in August, I’ll be set to rip it up. Here are my weekly swim bike and run time totals:

Swim: 2:05

Bike: 2:55

Run: 3:23

From what it looks like in the training plan, I’ll be holding my Swim/Bike numbers pretty steady and ramping up my running hours/intensity to get ready for the Hyannis Half Marathon in the end of February.Β  Hold tight. More to come.



  1. I like goal #10. I think that is one we all need to have.

    Good luck all of your goals

  2. Wait a seconds…

    “talk about non-tri things”

    Why would you do such a thing????

    Nice job on the goals. See you at the shop (for that tri-specific bike).



  3. Great goals! #5 I feel really does make a difference. Did it this past year and I felt it.
    #6 for sure
    # 7 Goodluck, I have given up on that and have instead turned it into additional buoyancy πŸ˜‰

  4. Sounds good, but ambitious.

    Also? View is *awesome.* Makes me feel pretty excited about getting to run there myself πŸ™‚

  5. @Jamie

    True, but what is the point of goals if they are easy?

  6. GREAT goals! #14. To beat Kellie in the Rev3 Tri πŸ™‚ I love posts like this. Keeps us honest and focused and allows others to help push us. Look fwd to seeing you reach your goals (except #14 :)).

  7. YES YES YES, love the goals Jamie!!!! Esp not to get injured! Can’t wait for a fantastic training season with you!

  8. I love goal #4. I am going to use that one πŸ˜‰

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