Snowy River Run

December 20, 2008

Despite almost a foot of fresh snow on the ground this morning, I kept up with the training plan and actually pulled off a decent run this afternoon down the Charles River. Most of the sidewalks weren’t even shoveled yet, but a good couple inches of packed snow are just nature’s form of resistance training. All in total it ended up being about 12.5 miles in about 2:20. Really slow pace, but my ankles, calves and gluts definitely got a workout jumping over and through tons of snow drifts and making sure I didn’t land on my ass.

I assumed not many people would be out along the river but was hoping the city might look nice all covered in a fresh layer of white snow so I brought my camera along to snap some pics. Unfortunately everything was still pretty gray, and the snow and wind picked up a lot around mile 10 of the run, so there weren’t any nice chrismas scenes but you can at least enjoy me running and talking into the camera while I almost bite it hard on a patch of ice.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1607228&dest=-1]

Higher-res version of the video here.

The one good thing about cold weather running is every time you do  your coldest run ever, everything else gets easier from there. Last week, 30 degrees and windy was a stretch. This week, it doesn’t seem so bad after doing a 20 degree run in the wind and snow.

While the run was actually a really good time, until my energy level and body temp started to drop quickly around mile 10, it is good to know that I can hunker down and pump out a decent performance when the conditions suck. That isn’t to say that I’m hoping for conditions like today for the hyannis marathon, but it is at least a little confidence booster.

I hope wherever the hell you are reading this right now, it is warmer than it is here.



  1. Possible helpful hint. If you have last years shoes try putting sheet metal screws around the outermost part of the soul. They need to be right next to the edge so they don’t come through and give you a nasty surprise.

    They work great and give a huge amount of traction on the cheap. Negative: they become very slippery on the tar. Actually did a race with my shoes like that and I could not believe how many people I passed in the last mile. There were alot of turns so while everyone else was getting more and more tentative I was just motoring along.

    My $0.02 keep the change.

  2. Nice job getting the work done man!

    And yes, I went surfing and then laid on the beach afterwards…much warmer 😉

  3. Thank you for the inspiration. I was going to wimp out of my long run because of the snow but you changed my mind. At least today’s warmer than yesterday. I thought I was going to lose my nose!

  4. Great run! That is a fantastic resistance workout for sure. Glad you did not hurt yourself or the camera. Very cool video and skyline. Thanks for sharing. It is in the 70’s here and you made me think of Christmas which is hard when wearing a t-shirt outside 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  5. Sweet Video

    I thought my 11.5 miles in the rain today was hard. I couldn’t imagine running in snow. Awesome Job.

  6. Nice job in the cold weather!!

  7. fantastic run jamie!!! cant wait to push you in a snowbank (i mean run with you) this winter!

  8. Hey Jamie! Cool video! What did you use to tape the video?

  9. Great job getting it done! Tomorrow I have a run as well and hope its not -1 degrees like it is right now

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