Beauty In Numbers

December 23, 2008

I think I’ve discovered the most uncomfortable part of being coached this year (at least so far). Taking meticulous notes on each workout and letting Brett know exactly how each workout went, my avg/max HR, speed/distance/soreness/fatigue/etc on a daily basis is something completely new to me.

I did record all my workouts last year, but I just scratched brief notes into a notebook to make sure I was meeting some very general goals and going in a general upward trend as far as speed and distance covered each week. It wasn’t really much more than that.

Now I’ve got graphs, reports, plans, schedules, the whole 9. A huge swing in the opposite direction. It has even become a habit to sit my sweaty ass down for a few minutes in front of my computer immediately after a workout. I have gotten pretty anal about mapping out the distance of each run and recording each specific swim interval immediately after finishing to keep things as accurate as possible.  I hope Santa brings me some Febreeze. My desk chair needs it.

If you want to sneak a peak, you can see my public Workout Log here: http://www.workoutlog.com/log/public/Jamiebull/log.cfm

Anyway, I don’t like ever just posting my weekly workout totals here, but would rather write about the random happenings and funny stories that happen while training here. If my training stats become the most interesting part of my training, we have a serious problem.

The one thing that I noticed the other day was now consistint my run training has been progressing, something I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all if I didn’t have the tools to play with. While I have been running/swimming/lifting too, my running has taken priority since my first 2009 race will be the Hyannis half marathon, my first stand alone half marathon.

With the addition of my snowy 12 mile run on Saturday I was able to get up to a total of 4.5 hours (25 miles) last week! Just looking back on the last two months of my weekly running time totals to see how things have built up makes me smile. Things are looking good for 2009 kids. (All my swimming, biking and lifting numbers aren’t counted here.)


And yes, I’m strategically publishing this before Christmas because I have no plans on continuing this upward trend during Christmas.  Recovery Week Baby!

I’m off to Connecticut tomorrow morning to spend some time with the family, eat lots of cookies, drink lots of beers, and open a few presents with maybe a few little workouts sprinkled in.

Merry Christmas tri-peeps!



  1. Beers!

  2. merry christmas! this post makes me smile because i specifically remember a comment from you on a post where i was talking about how anal i was when it came to my workouts — not skimping by even a minute because it was on The Schedule from My Coach! crazy how having a coach changes things — for the better, but definitely adds in the layer of the computer.

  3. Hey! Love the blog look (the snow!!). Hope you had a great Holiday and glad to see your run training is going well! I’ll stop by again and check on it..looks like 2009 is going to be a great year for tri!

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