Annual Flood of the Resolutioners

January 5, 2009

It happens every year. The “resolutioners”, as I have now named them them, make heathy resolutions they know they won’t keep, and pack the gym and hog all the treamills (at least until February when they return to the couch).

Since today was the first full week of 2009, just like clockwork, it happened again. One of my coworkers even tweeted, dreading the flood of the resolutioners at the gym tonight. You can definitely tell who the regulars are by the dirty looks they are flashing all the strangers who are stealing all the treadmills.

I’m usually really optimistic and I love seeing people take ownership over their health, but I’m fully prepared to see them all disappear back to wherever they came from  in a few weeks.

I especially love seeing new people join my spin class, but I was glad to see that all of my regulars planned ahead  and grabbed all the spin bikes before any resolutioners stole their spots. I’m not some spinning elitist, but there is something to be said about taking care of the people that take care of you. They even saved me a bike so that I didn’t have to teach off the bike! I love my spin peeps. They treat me so good (even when I show up at the eleventh hour).

So for all you peeps reading this (you aren’t a resolutioner, even if your offseason hasn’t started yet, don’t worry), hold tight. Try not to give too many dirty looks, and maybe try to take one of the resolutioners under your wing. Maybe you can find yourself a new workout buddy to help you out when you need some extra motivation later on this year.



  1. We’ve had a surprisingly small number of resolutioners, this year. My numbers were actually down today! Bummer :-/

  2. I was feeling under the weather on Monday so I missed my regular spin class (3x a week) and I thought that it was maybe for the best as someone else probably took over for me for the day…come Wednesday though, I’ll be there bright an early to take my bike again.

  3. Great entry! Monday I got to the pool at 5:24 and all lanes but one had 2 people already. I first thought, “When are these people going to get out!” Then remembered how great it was to see people trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I hope they stick with it! Thanks for the post!

  4. I’m glad you said something. I go to a 5:30 AM spinning class on Thursdays and I tend to get there at the last possible minute. I guess I need to wake up earlier this week if I want a bike.

  5. I’m shocked. There haven’t been very many resolutioners at my gym so far. Unless I’m just hitting it at times when they’re not there. I expected Sunday’s spin class to be packed with noobs, but only 2. I was somewhat of a resolutioner myself, but stuck with it. So I try not to send too many nasty looks. Except to ones who come to the gym in jeans.

  6. Great post! I try to be positive about all the newbies owning their health and joining the gym. But I can’t help but be annoyed when I go at my regular time, as I do all year, and have to wait for any cardio machine…let alone a treadmill!

  7. I found this word on Urban Dictionary and thought you’d get a kick out of it.


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