Diary of an Unemployed Triathlete

January 8, 2009

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.. well, maybe unemployed public relations guy is more accurate, but whatever. That isn’t the point. If you were paying attention to my twitter feed this morning, you probably already know, but shit hit the fan this morning and I got laid off.  What sucks most is that it was a job that I was pretty good at and I actually liked. The economy sucks, money just wasn’t coming like it used to and despite my best efforts to be indespensible, I got the axe.

And I now that this is two non-triathlon related blog posts in one week, but too bad!

I decided that I can wallow in self pity, be embarrassed, only tell the people that I can’t hide it from, cross my fingers fingers and hope for the best, or hold my head up high and actually try to get something productive out of all my activity in different networks like this blog, twitter, triscoop, etc. So if you know anyone in the Boston area that is hiring for any marketing/public relations/social media position, send ’em my way. 🙂

I am pretty sick at what I do. And at this point, especially with so many other people fighting for only a few jobs, I’m pretty damn flexible. Maybe I’ll even find something fitness-related to make my personal passions into a career. Who knows?!

So you may be seeing a lot more frequent blog posts from me, and a lot more training. I’ve got some new time on my hands.

Now back to your regularly scheduled triathlon posts…



  1. Wow, man. That sucks.

    But (on the bright side) more training! This season, you gonna be even mo’ badass!

  2. Boooooo. Sorry J. I’ll keep my ears open for you. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

    Though, as a social media guru, you’re probably as prepared as anyone to extend those networking tentacles and find another gig. Good luck man.

  3. I hate to hear this man, but you can turn it into something good. I know it. If I hear of anything at all, I’ll holla!

  4. I am sorry. Wishing you the best in the hunting process.

  5. Bummer, man. That sucks. 😦

    I gotta agree with Jamie. More time for training! 🙂

  6. You know what they say…”That which doesn’t kill you…”

    I’ve been laid off a couple of times, and maybe it sounds trite, but immersing yourself in training will help you feel better about yourself and maybe even come up with some ideas about what to do next.

    If there’s anything I can do like check out an updated resume (and maybe pass it along to people I know), give a shout!

  7. Aw suck. Most of us have been there. When you are good at what you do and the business end of things takes a dive, it often feels personal but sounds like your attitude is good. Things have a way of falling into laps when needed most, sometimes they just need a little prod. You will come out on top and in the meantime, work at a local bookstore or something to pay for rent and groceries and TRAIN like crazy. Good luck bro!

  8. ah buddy, im so sorry to hear this 😦 i will definitely keep my eyes and ears open!

  9. it’s not like you got fired….you should definitely hold your head up high — and now maybe with all this new found time — you should put an IM on your schedule 😉

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