Spinning Instructor Street Cred

January 13, 2009

I have been feeling antsy about publishing a new blog post ASAP. I have since moved on past the bad news last week and feel like it is bad karma to leave my blog with the last post on top and I’m looking forward to pushing it further down the page.  What can I say? I just don’t do the depressed, angry and bitter thing very well. I was busting my brain to try and think of some new blog-worthy topics, until spin class tonight.

(I was interviewed for a story on Boston’s NPR affiliate, WBUR for a story on all the layoffs today. It should air this Friday, if you want to hear it, email me and I’ll send you a link if they put it online.)

With some extra time yesterday, I made a new spin mix that I was looking forward to testing out in class last night. Despite only two people showing up to class (even though every single treadmill was taken), I still rocked it and started out really hard. The two people in class were regulars and already pretty fit and I knew that they could take it.

That was until the girl started dropping off of the sprint sets and just slowly pedaling along.

Now there are some instructors that get really peeved when the class breaks away from the routine, but as long as you aren’t taking away from the energy of the class, or standing when everyone is sitting right up in the front row, I don’t really care. I was just surprised that this girl was bowing out.

All of a sudden, she grabs her stomach, stops pedaling, and gives me the hand across the throat “no more” sign. As she grabs her towel and water bottle and heads towards the door while I continue on leading class, she lets it fly. But unfortunately she doesn’t make it to the bathroom or nearest trash can.


I help her out the door, dodging the splattered puke on my way, and was left sitting there wondering WTF to do next. Not wanting to continue on class while the room fills with the stink of sweat and puke, I decide to call it a day and have the guy at the front desk mop it up. Heck, I was just glad that I didn’t have to do it!

I asked the other guy left in class if I should take it personally that someone puked  25 minutes into my new workout and music mix, but he assured me that I should take it as a matter of pride and consider it as official spinning class street cred.


So if anyone wants a fun, fast workout that may make you puke your brains out, let me know. 😉

I just hope that she isn’t too embarrassed and never comes back. But she is pretty hardcore for sticking it out so long, so I’m sure I’ll see her again.



  1. Wow, now I’m curious as to what crazy things are included in this workout!! My inner masochist would love to see it! 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! Hopefully she’s cool about it and comes back.

  3. nice.

    that will be a story for the grandkids.

  4. holy smokes — now that’s a story to leave at the top posting for a while 😉

    i would take it as a complement, and you may start to get a rep – he’s the instructor that made me puke, and soon, people will be lining up to see if you can make them puke – it could become your new thing.

    it must be tough teaching a class when very few people show up too.

  5. way to go jamie!!! i would LOVE to take your class.

  6. I like to shoot for nearly puking…but then again, I’m not stupid enough to do a hard workout with food in my stomach!

  7. You are THE MAN!!

    I agree this is something to Brag about. All the hardcore spinners are probably now challenging each other to see if they can survive one of your classes. Before long your classes will require prior registration and a “Bring your own Puke bag” policy

  8. Hi,
    I’m a spin instructor and would love to hear your workout mix. Please email.


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