Spin Until You Puke Workout Mix

January 17, 2009

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After finally being able test out my new spin workout without making anyone puke, I decided that it was good enough to share. A lot of us have turned into spinning/bike trainer drones this time of year since the weather (at least for people up North) isn’t exactly conducive for road riding. Hopefully this quick 45-50 minute workout can break up some of the boredom.


I put the length of each song in case you despise my taste in music want to make your own mix.

A roadie in my class really likes workouts like these because there are a lot of fast accelerations that will probably help him out a lot for racing crits.

This workout is based on doing a lot of progressive accelerations (30 seconds easy, 30 seconds faster, 30 seconds SPRINT, then repeat.) Except for some of the standing sets where you’ll be pedaling slower, lets use these standards so no one is asking, “Am I sprinting fast enough, or is my “easy ” too “easy?”

Easy: 85-95 RPM

Medium: 95-100 RPM

Fast: 100-115 RPM

And resistance is obviously dependent on your fitness and the bike you are on, but this is a tempo workout, so your heart rate should be well up there and shouldn’t drop down too far at any point in the workout. Oh, and thanks to Bree Wee to helping me out with some of the music. But without any further delay, I give you my official “Spin Until You Puke” workout.



Colbie Caillat – Somethin’ Special – 3:08

  • Easy Warmup. Low resistance

Step Into Liquid – 2:29

  • :60 slowly increasing pace/resistance. 1:30 easy but fast sprint


Cake – The Distance – 3:01

  • Resistance 4/10
  • 2x (:30 slow/ :30 medium/ :30 fast)

Hilary Duff – With Love – 3:06

  • Resistance 5/10
  • 2x (:30 slow/ :30 medium/ :30 fast)

Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Steeling – 3:34

  • Hold +95 RPM cadence. Only change resistance.
  • 2x (:30 light/ :30 medium/ :45 heavy)

Garbage – #1 Crush

  • Stand for entire song @ 60-70 RPM. Only change resistance. Heavy set should be HEAVY.
  • 2x (:60 light/ :45 medium/ :30 heavy)

Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You There – 4:08

  • Back into the saddle. Resistance 5/10
  • 2x (:30 slow/ :30 medium/ :60 fast)

Mix Master Mike – Kalahuta Show – 2:33

  • Resistance 6/10
  • :20 slow/ :20 medium/ :20 fast
  • :20 slow/ :20 medium/ :50 fast

Filter – Hey Man Nice Shot – 5:02

  • Stand for entire song. Resistance 7/10
  • 2x (:60 easy/ :45 medium/ :30 FAST)

3 Doors Down – The Champion In Me – 3:34

  • Back in the saddle. Hold fast +100 RPM. Only change resistance.
  • 2x (:30 light/ :30 medium/ :45 heavy)

Fat boy slim – Funk Soul Brother – 4:04

  • Resistance 4/10
  • 2x (:30 slow/ :45 medium/ :45 fast)


Porno For Pyros – Pets – 3:37

  • Resistance 4/10. Easy pace
  • 3x :30 sit/:30 standing

Music Prep (unknown artist)

  • Resistance 3/10. Easy pace
  • Let HR come to rest and spin along gently.

U2 – One Tree Hill – 5:22

  • Off the bike. Stretch it out




  1. I don’t know how you do it. No matter how many fans I have I always overheat while doing spinervals indoors. I actually did the workout once outside on the patio while the tv played inside in 20 degrees. Only then did I get through it. I just can’t push inside.

    I also can’t push on a spin bike because they light up my knee. That’s why I’m out each winter on my mtb. I don’t over heat, my knee feels great and I’m out in nature.

    Good Luck with the spin class.

  2. Shoot me that mix! đŸ™‚

  3. Question… for a triathlete, are spin bike classes and trainer rides interchangeable if they have the same focus? In other words, would a person benefit from them in similar ways? I would imagine that it’s important to do the trainer for a good portion because its helpful to ride your own bike, but other than that???


    Trainer Crazy, NYC

  4. For short, intense bike workouts, definitely. There is nothing wrong with substituting a trainer ride for a spin class if they have the same purpose. There are small differences, but they are negligible. Just like the difference between a treadmill and running outside, they aren’t exactly the same, but in the end it doesn’t really matter as long as you aren’t completely giving up the real thing.

    You are right about not completely giving up the trainer though. Because it is pretty much impossible to get a spin bike to mirror your own bike’s fit, I make sure I at least get in one or two trainer rides a week. If I don’t, I can see it start to impact my hip/back flexibility a lot and it isn’t fun getting back on the trainer. NOT a pleasant experience.

    Snowed In, Boston

  5. i dont know 80% of those songs but sounds like a great workout and a great mix! after almost 3 hours on the bike yesterday, a spin class with a great instructor and music mix sounds like a blast! hey where do you teach again?

  6. That’s way more intense than my spin class… to bad your gym is to far away!

  7. Hey: Could you send me that music? (I don’t quite get how you’ll do this but I do have itunes, etc…I want to try that workout. Thanks!

  8. Could I get those tunes? Great class! I’m trying to improve my spinervals!

  9. can i have a copy of that mix and any others.
    how do i get it?

  10. Hey man im liking the look of that mix could you send me on the songs please, I need some new music to workout too, cheers!

  11. would love to try this workout. would be great if you could send the mix. thanks!

  12. I would love to hear your music mix I need a good music.

  13. this sounds great – can you please send me the mix?

  14. Spend alot of time on spin bike,looks like a great workout.Would you mind passing on the music mix.


  15. Love the idea of your mix, could you send me the mix as well please.

    I have itunes if that helps.

    Thanks mate

  16. Hi:

    Just about to hop on the trainer tomorrow. Would you mind sending the music?


    K. D.

  17. Just getting into spinning. Looking forward to your suggested workout. Could I also get a copy of the music?

    Thank You

  18. Looks like a great workout, could I please get a copy of the music?

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