New Sponsor! TRAKKERS

February 7, 2009

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Awesome news today triathlon people.

I am a member of Team Trakkers 2009!  Trakkers is a relatively new company that is getting ready to launch a new gadget specifically for endurance athletes and sends their GPS data to the web in real time. Not only can your family and friends follow your progress on race day, but all the data is stored so you can compare performances and course data.


It all started when I saw that they put out a call for sponsorship applications on SlowTwitch back in November. I laid on my best charm and filled out the application, but wasn’t expecting it to go too far. Thankfully my writing skills and internet street cred came through and I made the team! I’m sure that also already planning to race at Rev3, the new HIM where Trakkers is making their official launch, probably helped a little too. I’m totally looking forward to playing around and testing Trakkers before it is available to the public.

I’ll be on the team along with some other kick-ass pro triathletes like Bree Wee, Amanda Lovato, Heather Gollnick and fellow age grouper and tri blogger Carol.





  1. Way to go, man! Congrats on the sponsorship!

  2. Some seriously cool stuff. Can’t wait to hear more about it when you test it out. Congrats!!! This is huge!

  3. you look fantastic in your swimsuit

  4. Right back at ya, ‘mate, as in Teammate!
    Team Trakkers… that’s us… let’s help take it to the next level!

  5. Congrats on the sponsorship!!! I’ll have to go check them out.

  6. […] you may remember, I got sponsored by Trakkers earlier this year. They have been doing a ton of product testing and are making their […]

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