Snowboarding and muscle memory

February 8, 2009

Because Seasonal Affective Disorder is just for people that are afraid to go out and have fun in the cold, I decided to break my +8 year hiatus from snowboarding and take a trip up to New Hampshire to hit the slopes. A guy can only take so many swim/bike/run workouts before he needs to break it up and try something different.

It had been at least eight years since the last time I went snowboarding, some time when back in high school, so I was just a little nervous about actually remembering now to snowboard and not go flying off into the woods. Scratch that. I really didn’t have much faith in my ability to remember how  to snowboard at all.

After heading up the lift to the top of the mountain and a sketchy dismount from the chair lift, I sucked it up, took a deep breath and pointed my board down hill and hoped for the best. The first half of the run was a little rough, but I was surprised how quickly I remembered how to turn and especially how to stop! By the second run I was back in the game, a WHOLE lot more comfortable, and was actually really impressed about how quickly I got back into a nice carving rhythm. Muscle memory is an amazing thing and I was completely surprised about how quickly my confidence on the slopes came back. I was still a little cautious around other skiiers so that I didn’t take anyone out, but I was actually able to relax and have fun with it.

I took a short video from the hill. It is a little sketchy in some parts, but I figured you might enjoying my fall on my butt about half way through. 🙂 In my defense, it was only my second run, and this other guy came flying dangerously close behind me while on a patch of ice. I decided bailing and landing on my butt was the best option.

The only real fall that I managed all day was while I was passing Sam on a flat section, rubbing it in her face, then immediately biting it hard. Thankfully I hopped up pretty quickly and I managed not to get injured, so it was a pretty sweet day.

Here is the view of Lake Winnipesaukee from the top of the mountain. This is where I’ll be racing my “A” race. The Timberman  70.3 in August. Thankfully this scene should be a lot more green and blue by then instead of gray and white.



  1. No! Do the Timberman now! Snowboarding on the lake instead of swimming in it, maybe.

  2. Great pictures… looks like lots of fun. I haven’t been on the slopes in about 14 years!

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