St. Patrick’s Day Trail Run

March 18, 2009

Yesterday I went out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with a nice 2 hour trail run. Rather than sit around at home and wait for non-existent jobs to be posted online, or enjoy some adult beverages in my apartment by myself, I went out to explore some new (to me) trails just north of Boston.

I felt like I had to bring a whole bunch of extra crap with me compared to when I just ran around the block. Between my HR monitor, map, Road ID bracelet (in case I fall and break my leg off and the EMT needs to know where to send my body), four fuel belt water bottles, two Clif Shots and my cell phone, I felt like I was camping more than running. Since I hadn’t been there before, and no one would have missed me for hours if something happened, I figured it was better to play it safe.

I definitely want to make this a regular occurance. Except for some short speed work on the track, all of my runs have been on sidewalk and asphalt. NOT good for the knees. That is probably the reason that I’ve had issues with my IT band the last two years. Trail running is great for ankle and hip strength and is much easier on the joints. Plus, it is just nice to get out and enjoy some nature and not have to battle with traffic.

I even scoped out a pretty nice (although pretty rocky and muddy) bike trail. With my cyclocross tires, I think I can totally take it on! But that is for another day…



  1. That is the COOLEST tree house!! Did you really run up Bear Hill or did you walk up and and turn on your camera and start to breath heavy? 🙂 Cool video!

  2. Haha. NO! I ran all the way. The trail to the top was a little sketchy and almost completely frozen too. Strange how some places take so long to defrost.

  3. I loves me some trail running — good for you!! The video is not playing though 😦

    and btw, nice job on the new masthead!

  4. I agree, trail running is the GREATEST! Totally envious that you have a place to run 2 full hours worth off road, we have a GREAT 30 minute loop, ha ha…

    NO WAY can I understand how you ran with all that though, too funny!

  5. That looked like a great day. BTW, I have a roadid bracelet but I went the trigeek route and got the neoprene ankle version. I only like to wear stuff on my right hand (I’m a lefty) so I can’t wear my watch and id at the same time.

    In my area we have Massasoit State Park. I go mtbing there all the time and use their trails for off road running.

    Take care.

  6. I enjoyed watching that. The video looked very good. It made me want to go out and find some trails to run. Very Cool!

  7. I love trail runs! Luckily almost all of our runs – 1/2 of the distance is on trails. And i can totally tell the difference in my knees.

    Holy cow – that is a bunch of stuff to run with 🙂


  8. oh! sounds like a blast, where was the run? im interested in scoping it out!!

  9. I should get out and do some trail running too. Way more scenic then the same pavement in the suburbs.

  10. Next time please text me before you go on a long run to a new place or in the woods..
    Cool video though 🙂

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