Ice Bath Recovery Party

April 19, 2009

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I started off the day hanging out with @mangorunner @Runnermaniac and @CraigMacfarlane at the Boston marathon expo talking about using ice baths for recovery. After wandering around a bit and talking about race plans for the year I headed back home home for some lunch and a quick tempo run. Once I made it back home, I could officially call another hard two week training block done and in the books.

While I was filling up my tub with cold water and dumping in a few buckets of ice, I saw that Mandy and Miss Allycat have the same mindset and are jumping into a nice frozen bath of their own as well. I guess racing season is starting to warm up and everyone is getting into the same mindset! Eventhough we are all in different parts of the country, it was like I was having a little ice bath party knowing that my blogger buddies were taking the plunge too.

Last season I was a really big fan of hot epsom salt baths, but have officially converted to the dark (er… cold) side. Ice baths are WAY better. They are going to be a regular staple in my training now.

Icey Proof.


Want to see my “O” face?


The first minute are two is pretty rough, but once you suck it up and keep your body under water, it isn’t too bad and it actually starts to feel good. You know I’m a big geek, so I had to look up the science behind it. Apparently your muscles and blood vessels tighten and help get rid of lactic acid and other junk built up built up from workouts. I’ve been doing two 5-6 minute soaks with a few minutes to warm back up inbetween, then a nice warm shower after to avoid anything from getting too tight.

Here is a good article on ice baths that I found the other day. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6287210.stm

I think I may need to start using more ice though, because after my second soak I got a little too comfortable and was just hanging out and sucking down my favorite recovery drink, chocolate soy milk.

MMMmmmm. Soy milk. Cheers!




  1. I am still too much of a wimp, I still Epsom salt – you are hardcore!

  2. I am so glad you kept your pictures clean 🙂 I completely believe in ice baths but TOO chicken to do it. I am going to take my first one in CT on June 7th and hopefully not die of hypothermia! Great post!

  3. Haha – so happy to see we are not all really suffering alone!

    I grab a soy-protein shake, a hoodie sweatshirt/knit cap and….a trashy magazine… makes the 20 minutes I sit in there go by a lot faster!

    Can’t wait for it to warm up a bit outside… I then go icing in the river…not sure you should try that in the Charles River, I remember more than a few bodies being pulled out when I was in school!

  4. Interesting article… Maybe it is just a mental edge – but in any case, I’m keeping it.

  5. I am a cold wuss so don’t think I could take an ice bath. I have however soaked in cold lake or ocean water after a race. That does feel great!

    Hey, one of my blog readers told me that soy milk makes your boobs bigger. hehe, I could use some of that!

  6. first, CONGRATULATIONS on the jobby job!! second, um coooollldd!! i still have never taken an ice bath and coach Jen wants me to start. noo!! but i am with you, chocolate milk is the best recovery drink!

  7. Ice baths are GREAT , I feel so much better the day after as opposed to if i don’t take one.

    Here’s how I do it as I don’t like jumping right into ice water.

    1. Get a cooler or something with ice and set it next to the bath tub.

    2. Get in the bath before putting any water in and let cold water fill up while I sit

    3. Now that I am in a cold bath already add the ice

    I usually read a book.

    I have very little stiffness and soreness the next day when i do this.

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