Rev3 Bike Course Cue Sheet

May 13, 2009

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As I mentioned in my last post, I bummed a cue sheet off of a friendly stranger when I rode the Rev3 bike course. She said that the cue sheet that she from the Rev3 peeps  who were organizing the ride was slightly different from the cue sheet on the Web site. There was just a minor edit that gets you around some road construction. So just in case you are planning on riding the course any time soon, here is the the new sheet.

No word on if this is the version of the course on race day, or if the construciton will be done by then, but I’ll see if I can clear that up. Until then, here it is. It is a pretty easy course to follow, and somehow I managed not to get lost at all, so I was even pumped about that.

  1. Right out of transition at Quassy
  2. Right on Tuttle Road
  3. Straight (sort of) on Cat Swamp Road
  4. Right on Middle Road Turnpike
  5. Left on Quassapaug Road
  6. Right on Route 6
  7. Left on North Street
  8. Left on Route 63
  9. Right on Route 109
  10. Left on Route 6
  11. Left at Light on to 254
  12. Left at Center Street
  13. Left on Route 254
  14. Left onto Route 118
  15. Left on Chestnut Hill Road
  16. Right on Camp Dutton Road
  17. Left on Route 63
  18. Right on Route 61
  19. Hard Right on Alain White Road
  20. Continue on White Wood Road
  21. Turn around at Plumb Hill Road
  22. Back on White Wood and Alain White Road
  23. Cross Route 109
  24. Continue on Route 61
  25. Cross Route 6
  26. Straight on Quassapaug Road
  27. Straight on Watertown Road
  28. Straight on Tranquility
  29. Right on Route 64
  30. Right Into Bike Transition At Quassy

Another blogger, Chris, aslo wrote up a report on the bike course. Unfortunately, he got stuck in the rain storm that I missed, but he also picked up on a lot of little pieces of the course that were just a blur of pain and sweat. Check it out if you are interested. http://runningfort3.blogspot.com/2009/05/rev3-bike-preview.html



  1. Yes, this definitely avoids the construction on Platt Rd. Also, that very steep hill on Judd Farm, the only place where I ran out of gears.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh, and btw, I didn’t “get stuck” in the rainstorm, I was going over 30mph at one time during the downpour 🙂

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