Video: Rev3 Half Iron

June 10, 2009

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I handed over my Flip camera to my little sister to shot some video during the race. Check it out peeps.

My family even makes a cameo. My mom shows how much see needlessly worries about me while I race, Allison explains why she will never do a triathlon and Kelsey explains her new crush on Matty Reed. She decided that they can never have kids because they both have chicken legs and their kids wouldn’t be very good looking. But that may have changed when she heard his accent.

And, conveniently, I edited myself coming in to T2 just after Matty Reed. Hey, a guy can dream, right?



  1. Sweeeettttt!!

  2. Way to go jamie. Heard Rev3 was tough. Mooseman was fun – had a good run – need more time in saddle & more swims. All in all a good day. Greg

  3. […] Here is my full race report for the inaugural 2009 Rev 3 Tri Half Iron race in Middlebury, CT. I wrote a quick race recap the day after the race, describing it as a brutal test of mental toughness! You might also want to read about how I met Natascha Badmann, who took third place that day. Trakkers teammate Jamie Bull posted a video of the race on Youtube. Check it out: http://sbrtv.wordpr…ideo-rev3-half-iron/ […]

  4. How cute are you!!! Congrats again on a great race…watch out Matty Reed!!

  5. Oh my, I was laughing up a storm at this video. You were like totally lounging in T2. La Te Dah. Your family is totally cute, so supportive! Shoot me an email so I can get you some photos!!

    sonjawieck AT mac DOT com

  6. Congrats! glad you had fun, and it’s awesome that your family was there for you…

  7. whoa your fone does that?

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