About SBR TV

FYI: This blog has moved to a new address. Catch up on new posts at: http://swimbikerunlive.com/


This blog started with my journey to my first Olympic distance triathlon, the 2007 Mooseman, and now follows me along as I persue life as a bona-fide triathlete: spreading the love of triathlon through the interwebs. SBR TV covers triathlon, swimming, biking and running and a few ramblings on life, my most recent dive into becoming a Spinning Instructor, living in Boston, and a few things in between.

I’ll never post video as much as I want to, and they’ll never come out that pretty, but hey. I do what I can.

Lurkers are welcome, but commenters are cooler. 🙂



  1. Hi!

    i’m the organizer for the New England Multisport Expo and came across your video of the event today. Wow! I want to thank you for doing that. It looks awesome. Can you give me a call? I’d really like to meet you and learn more about SBR TV. You have my email address. Thanks.


  2. There’s a chance I may (um) move your way in the next year. As in, to Boston. Holy shit. It’s scary even to write about it.

    What do you think? Was just looking at the website for the Greater Boston YMCA, hunting jobs. Think there’s a good market for personal trainers in the area? Could I make enough to live on there?

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