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Rev3 Triathlon Registration Discount – Trakkers108

March 25, 2010

Team Trakkers is connected to the new Revolution 3 triathlon series. A part of that means that I get to share a discount code with all you lucky folks!


If you use the code “Trakkers108” when you register, you’ll get $10 off any Rev3 race.

If you haven’t checked out the Rev3tri site yet, GO! Not only is the site pretty slick, but it gives a way better description of all the awesomeness that will ensue in Knoxville, Middlebury and Sandusky next year.

There are six total races at each of the locations, ranging from Olympics, to HalfRevs to a FullRev at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH. That will be where I will become an ironman. (fingers crossed….)

If you decide to join me in the shenanigans and endorphin-fueled fun at any of the races, give a shout so we can meet up and say “hi!”


Product Review: Phonak PFE – Perfect Fit Earphones

February 4, 2010

So I got an email the other day that went something like this…

Hey Jamie, remember the Phonak pro cycling team?”

“Yeah! Floyd Landis is the man! What a BAMF!”

“Agreed. Well Phonak primarily makes hearing aids, but they have some pretty sick earphones. Wanna test ’em out?”

“Heck yes I do!”

Unlike last winter when I was still teaching spinning classes a few times per week, I’ve been spending a TON more time listening to music by myself on the bike trainer (and even more once I really ramp up my running) so I thought this would be the perfect piece of new gear to review. Soon I got a nice surprise in the mail and started putting ’em through the SwimBikeRun product testing gauntlet.

Introducing the Phonak PFEs.

Phonak Perfect Fit Earphones

PFE stands for “perfect fit earphones.”

For such tiny little earphones, they sure promised a lot (a perfect fit and and incredible sound quality – without the distraction of ambient noise) so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. After poking around and finding some pretty impressive reviews, including this one from CNet, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I tried to stay as unbiased as I could and give ’em a fair shake.

Continue reading the full review here:


Signed up for my first Half Ironman

March 1, 2008

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It is official. I’ve got my slot for Ironman Rhode Island this year!imri-registration-confirmation.jpg


Who is coming with me?!

Now, since I’ve found it impossible to sleep past 8:00 a.m. on the weekends, it is time for a BRick workout!


Different this time around: Picking my Half Iron

March 1, 2008

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2007 was a really fun year as far as triathlon goes (if you want to be nice). If you want to be a little more honest, it showed that I still have a lot to learn about training and racing and taking this sport seriously.

My first step in making 2008 different was to not let myself go this winter like I did last winter and actually have a solid base (read: keep the beer gut at bay). So far, I think I’ve done a pretty decent job. My running has been a little on and off, but my biking has been really solid. I’ve gotten at least two solid bike sessions each week since October, and while I haven’t had a chance to get outside and see how much faster I’ve gotten on the pavement, I think it has really paid off.

Last February, I was all pudgy, soft, and sore after even the shortest workout.

This year, I’m finding all these random lumps popping out of my legs. What gives?!


These puppies are tired of being cooped up inside in the cold. I need spring!

Sticking with the whole “taking my 2008 triathlon training seriously” theme, I actually blocked out the whole year training overview grid I got from Jumpy and Mr. SaltE from The Age Grouper.  Once I actually mapped out my whole year,  it was a whole lot easier to see my training schedule, A and B races, and planned vacations all in one spot, and eventually pick which half iron to sign up for this year.

I’ve been struggling with the decision for a while but as soon as I it “publish” on this post, I’m pulling out the credit card and signing up for Ironman (70.3) Rhode Island! It will give me a few more weeks to train over the Patriot, and just fits perfectly into a vacation I’m taking later later in July.

WOOHOO! I’m Pumped! Who is with me!


Offseason Dreaming – Ironman Boston

December 17, 2007

Another Nor’easter hit last night, dumping another 6 inches of wet slushy snow, and canceled my 5k today. Thankfully it was postponed until next weekend so I won’t miss out on it, and I’ll have a chance to shake off some of the soreness from sloshing around in the snow on my run this past Friday.

Being snowed in, with no other responsibilities other than doing some online Christmas shopping and digging my car out of a pile of snow, gave me some time to finish mapping out my ideas for a self-supported ironman at the end of my 2008 season. The idea is slowly and slowly becoming more real and I’m in love with the idea of doing an IM all by myself. Sure, I don’t get the crowds, TV cameras, banners and right to where IM logo gear, but I’ll be able to do the race on my own terms, create my own dream course, and have the extra challenge of doing it without the support of crowds and aid stations. That isn’t even getting into saving the probably +$1,000 of race registration, travel and lodging for me and all of my support crew.

IM Boston Map

I finished the long process of mapping out all 140.6 miles on today. My plan is to start the race sometime in late august/early september at Walden Pond in Concord, doing two full loops around the perimeter, using the parking lot as my T1 and aid station to pass by on three 30ish mile loops on the bike before heading down to Hopkinton to the start of the Boston Marathon route. I’d then pass off my bike and transition into my running gear (with the support of whoever I can convince to help me out and take care of my gear for the day) before heading east into downtown Boston and crossing that big blue finish line across Boylston Street.
Ironman Boston

Anyone else interested?!