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Only The Finest Ingredients To Protect Your Junk

December 12, 2008

Check out this YouTube Video ad from Dave Zabriskie and DZ Nuts.

This is hilarious. I’m becoming a huge Zabriskie fan just through all of his ball/taint jokes.

I’ve only used it once so far for my first cyclocross race, and actually thought it was pretty good. The only other time I’ve used chamois cream was for my century ride this summer and it was some other random cream that I got in some race SWAG bag. Utter Butter maybe? I got this major menthol-y sensation like I was smuggling a tin of altoids in my bike shorts. NOT pleasant.

Not with DZ nuts though! I wasn’t too quick, but at least I was comfortable. 🙂

Once the weather warms up and I do more long rides outside, I’ll definitely be putting DZ nuts to the test, on my nuts.

via Bike Hugger


DZ Nuts Review: Pt. 1 – Unboxing

September 27, 2008

Unboxing my DZ Nuts that I just got in the mail – cycling chamois cream from pro rider Dave Zabriskie.

What, wouldn’t YOU trust a man with a porn mustache like this with your goodies?

According to the site, they also use as free trade and organic ingredients whenever possible, which is pretty respectable. So it isn’t just good for your taint, it is socially responsible too. You have to respect that.

More video reviews to come. Hold tight.