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Pool Distractions

December 3, 2007

So with all the spinning classes, training for a half marathon next February, and generally trying to stop sucking at running, I’ve somehow left off that “other” sport for the past few months. You know, that “swimming” thing that despite my best efforts remains my strongest sport?

It may have been the ice covered sidewalks outside of my apartment this morning, or just the fact that my speedo has probably gotten¬† pretty lonely and has likely been banished to some dark corner in the back of my workout clothes drawer… but I have decided that my swimming hiatus needs to end tonight. So pool time it is!

Sorry kids, no real news to blog about today. Just realized I hadn’t posted in a while and wanted to make sure you all knew I was still alive and kicking.¬† I probably owe posting a video too, but posting a video of me in a Speedo may break some FCC regulations or something. Maybe next time.