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Rev3 Triathlon Registration Discount – Trakkers108

March 25, 2010

Team Trakkers is connected to the new Revolution 3 triathlon series. A part of that means that I get to share a discount code with all you lucky folks!


If you use the code “Trakkers108” when you register, you’ll get $10 off any Rev3 race.

If you haven’t checked out the Rev3tri site yet, GO! Not only is the site pretty slick, but it gives a way better description of all the awesomeness that will ensue in Knoxville, Middlebury and Sandusky next year.

There are six total races at each of the locations, ranging from Olympics, to HalfRevs to a FullRev at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH. That will be where I will become an ironman. (fingers crossed….)

If you decide to join me in the shenanigans and endorphin-fueled fun at any of the races, give a shout so we can meet up and say “hi!”


New Sponsor! TRAKKERS

February 7, 2009

FYI: This blog has moved to a new address. Catch up on new posts at:

Awesome news today triathlon people.

I am a member of Team Trakkers 2009!  Trakkers is a relatively new company that is getting ready to launch a new gadget specifically for endurance athletes and sends their GPS data to the web in real time. Not only can your family and friends follow your progress on race day, but all the data is stored so you can compare performances and course data.


It all started when I saw that they put out a call for sponsorship applications on SlowTwitch back in November. I laid on my best charm and filled out the application, but wasn’t expecting it to go too far. Thankfully my writing skills and internet street cred came through and I made the team! I’m sure that also already planning to race at Rev3, the new HIM where Trakkers is making their official launch, probably helped a little too. I’m totally looking forward to playing around and testing Trakkers before it is available to the public.

I’ll be on the team along with some other kick-ass pro triathletes like Bree Wee, Amanda Lovato, Heather Gollnick and fellow age grouper and tri blogger Carol.




Rest is a beautiful thing

January 31, 2009

After hella stretching and taking some time off of running last week, I’m back in the game this week and am feeling great. I’m not quite 100%, but close enough to hit the treadmill/sidewalk and start adding up those base hours again and challenging myself. One spot on my left calf is still a little sore (but not tight anymore) but hopefully that will heal up very soon.

And by challenging myself I mean trying crazy new stuff like figuring out how long I can do a headstand in my living room.

Headstand Day 1

I was only able to keep my feet off of the wall for about 3 seconds, but I was pretty proud of myself. So in case you were wondering if I was taking myself and my training too seriously now that I’m being coached and am putting in WAY more off season training hours than last year, I think you have your answer. 🙂 There is still plenty of time for messing around and having some fun. Tomorrow morning I’ll also be heading downtown to the Lululemon store for a free yoga class. Since getting laid off, the yoga budget had to get cut, but I’m glad there are still free classes around that I can check out.

And tonight I finally registered for my second 70.3 ever, and first (of two) in the 2009 season. Rev3 Here I Come Baby! I grew up only about 20 minutes from the race start, so this will be a really great homecoming for me. I never thought I’d be able to get myself in HIM shape so early in the season, but the way everything is coming together already, I have a really good feeling that I’ll be tearing it up come June.


And despite hating ranting on the blog, I feel the need to say that I hate A piece of my soul dies every time that I have to use them to register for a race. Charging $15 registration fee? WTF. Seriously? Just because a race is more expensive, you decide to up the registration fee. And every time a race forces me to use your site you have the balls to try to sell me on stupid discount clubs and anything else out there? They do have a somewhat interesting new search tool, but it is only in beta and would only really be interesting or groundbreaking 5 years ago. I may never understand why even some of my favorite race directors stil use them year after year. At least a quick google search for “ sucks” proves that I’m at least not the only one.  There you go. My rant is over. All appologies, except to is way better.